Bored of talking to humans, try ChatBot!

“As more and more artificial intelligence is entering into the world, more and more emotional intelligence must enter into leadership.”

Are we talking about some kind of AI here?
Let me elaborate a little on what are we going to develop here, A chatbot is a Machine-Learning based bot to pass our time out of boredom. It is build up upon Python, which powers to give back the responses based on conversations.

A basic(or crazy) example of the architecture of a Chatbot could possibly be like :

How does it work?
A chatbot is like a newborn child, it does not know anything other than opening its eyes(showing an inbuilt screen) unless you fill it up with all the meaningless data. Simple, give inputs to it and the library will save it. Then later it responds with closed matching data it has stored. So overall, for an instance, it comes to that ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ thing.

Now let's get down to the business,

  • Install ChatterBot using pip
  • Install Micro Web Framework Flask
  • Create a file and fill it with the following code
  • Create a nice nerdy index.html with some CSS touch ( Prepare to scroll long).
  • Voilà, We’re almost done. Now run your

Your beautiful ChatBot is ready,

I know I know, I’ve already put the code on GitHub, Saurabh-Thakre/Chintu_Python_Flask_Bot

I left some code unexplained so I know you will come back to this blog again and ask your queries ;). And for sure, you will get a couple of dependencies errors while trying to run the But don’t worry, just as I mentioned comment on all your queries here and I’ll be your google.

Tata, see you later, hope not with masks :\

Who Am I ? Couldn't fill up only 160 words to explain that :shrug ! Come on, go and read my blogs to know more o/