CI/CD : A Two-Sided Quick Outline

“Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency”.

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If you’re looking for a quick read on CI/CD which can help you build the confidence around it, You are at the right page o/

What’s up with CI/CD ?

Just like the name of Capital of Hungary, is Buda-Pest, CI/CD in itself has two different parts in one method.
Continuous integration which is when the Developers continuously and oftenly integrate code in a shared pool of repository( like GitHub). Along with several automated tests performed on the code to check if test cases are passed or failed.

Continuous Delivery comes right after as extension to CI, which adds the complete automation of the whole software release process. It could be an answer to the problem of poor visibility and communication between developer and business teams.

Other possible ‘CD’, Continuous Deployment can refer to automatically releasing all the developer’s changes from shared pool of repository to the production, where the code goes live to the users.

If I would have to outline Pros and Cons side of CI/CD I would go by following,

Pros :

  • Faster MTTR for the resolution.
  • Improves test reliability and release rates.
  • Easy Maintenance and Updates.

Cons :

  • Expect the unexpected, could increase Production panic/errors.
  • Increase in software debugging time.

Together, CI/CD becomes one of the best practices for DevOps. An automation process for the developers which can help them to focus on meeting business critical requirements like code quality, and security.

Do you know, The Firefox logo isn’t a fox. It is a red panda \o/



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