Sometimes, the things you wish for, do happen! An Intern@Red Hat

“If you focus your mind on the freedom and community that you can build by staying firm, you will find the strength to do it.” -Richard M. Stallman

Hope y’all are well and doing perfectly great!

Me, a Graduate from Deogiri Institute Of Engineering and Management Studies, Aurangabad. A Full-Time Contributor, last time I checked I’m an Automation Engineer with Ansible at Red Hat. To be in Red Hat has always been my dream. I have chosen Red Hat as my career when I was first introduced to Linux in my second year of engineering and since a day i started dreaming about it and tried to achieve whatever which makes me close to getting into Red Hat.

In doing so, I got selected as a Mozilla Club Captain of DIEMS College, Aurangabad, and back then I was the first who has run the Mozilla Club in the whole Marathawada Region of Maharashtra. And the journey began, I’ve got engaged in many Open Source Communities, I became the HackerEarth Campus Ambassador. Started reporting bugs for an upstream project like Fedora, Mozilla because of my hunger for gaining knowledge and to meet new people from the community. In my third year, I’ve traveled almost 1,251 km from Aurangabad to attended PyCon2017 India at Delhi as a volunteer. Where I got to know more about “Opensource“, I got to know the real meaning of Collaboration over there, seeing everybody passionate.

Till my 3rd year of Engineering, I’ve added two more feathers RHCSA and RHCE to my Fedora from the Red Hat Academy which is another great initiative taken by Red Hat to provide Training and Certification to college students at a budget cost. Then I kept moving towards the OpenSource World and got to know more about emerging technologies like Kubernetes, Ansible, AI and did a couple of projects in the respective technologies. Got a chance to participate at Hack Your Travel with Openshift which was a hackathon hosted by Red Hat in 2017.

Finally, on one awesome day, I got an opportunity to give an interview at Red Hat, Pune on 11th April 2018 if I remember the date correctly and turned to be one of my great experience of perfect technical interactive interview rounds. It was more of a discussion with each other than just an interview. On the 17th of April 2018, I got selected as a Trainee Associate Technical Support Engineer and I was damn happy that I’ve accomplished what I’ve aimed for :)

So that’s what it is, this is first part of my Journey to Red Hat \o/. Hey, next time I will see you with another part of my days at Red Hat and in this OpenSource world with a lot of interesting things I do in my pass time. Till then stay tuned, see you when I see you ;).

“You are the night, you are the ocean You are the light behind the cloud You are the end and the beginning A world where time is not allowed”

I like to get involved in things and to understand things, and in some ways, you’ve got to be careful what you wish for because I feel very, very blessed to have such an interesting life and to be able to have little snapshots of lives of people from many different parts of the world.

Do you know, 80% of internet users regularly read blog posts!



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Saurabh Dattatray Thakre

Saurabh Dattatray Thakre

Who Am I ? Couldn't fill up only 160 words to explain that :shrug ! Come on, go and read my blogs to know more o/